Learn From Everything

Test and optimize any content, layout or functionality change. Conductrics learns what converts best for which users.

Real-Time Optimization

With Conductrics, your site can optimize itself, actively selecting the best option for each user. In real time, automatically.

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Go Beyond A/B Testing

Because Conductrics automatically learns and optimizes your content in real-time, you can spend your valuable time focusing on making your site, or app, awesome.

Targeting Your Audience

There isn't one best option for everyone - content can resonate with one group more than another. Conductrics will learn and display the best performing option for each.

Integrate With Your Systems

The Conductrics two-step REST API brings real-time learning into reach of teams of any size, using any programming language. It fits in now, and can grow with you.

AB/Split and Multivariate TestsAdaptive OptimizationUser TargetingDecision Attribution In Complex, Multi-Step Decisions

Your Applications Learn and Maximize Their Value Automatically

Commerce and Content Sites

Use proven Data Science to improve user experience across all your digital properties and maximize online Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Digital Marketing Agencies

Add value for your clients by building self-learning, customer-targeted digital marketing applications, all with with a few simple API calls.

Startups and MVPs

Use automated lean development methods to learn what features your users are using and dynamically shed the ones that under-perform.

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